The Holbrook Device Prevents "M1 Thumb" (2)

Tens of thousands of the famous M1 Garand rifles are now in civilian hands and they have an inherent weakness for civilian use. When a full clip is loaded, the bolt closes automatically and when the last round is fired the clip is automatically ejected. This is great for a battle weapon, however not for a sporting rifle.

My Holbrook Device replaces the original operating rod catch and stops both of these automatic functions therefore making the Garand a more versatile and  a safer rifle to use. Also, it allows the loading of single rounds which was difficult with the original design. It is very useful for people with physical disabilities and the youth. Left handers love it! The Holbrook Device is also suited for use with the direct-over-the-bolt Garand CASM scope mount from

It is perfect for American Legion, VFW, and Marine Corps League Honor Guards! It allows the loading of three rounds into a GI clip safely while in the weapon, and the clip does not eject after the last round is fired.. An empty clip may be left in the M1..

                                       This Device ELIMINATES all timing problems!!!!



                                                             General George S. Patton

About John Holbrook

John is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, having participated in both aerial and ground combat. He served his country for 20 years in the U.S. NAVY and retired in 1970 as a Chief Petty Officer.    Read More