Works With All Calibers

 The Device stops automatic bolt closure when loading. The clip will latch into the receiver, however the bolt will not release.  To charge the top round, the op rod handle must be pulled and released, just like an M14. after the last round is fired, the bolt will lock back, however the clip will not eject. An empty clip may be left in the rifle.

The clip can be only be ejected by pushing the clip eject button on the left side of the receiver. So no more lost clips.

With an empty GI M1 clip locked in the receiver, 1 to 8 individual rounds may be loaded into the clip. to charge the top round, just pull and release no more fumbling with sleds.

The Device works with all calibers as shown in the upper photo, in single round configuration in both .30-06 and .308. Note, you may load partially loaded clips as the photo on the right shows.......

It replaces the original GI op rod catch and requires no tools or modifications. the basic rifle is not modified and may be converted back to it's original USGI configuration in minutes by reinstalling the original catch. The Device is made from 7075 Tempered aircraft grade aluminum, and is guaranteed to work or I will replace any catch or refund the purchase price if you are not satisfied.


Again, it is perfect for American Legion, VFW, and Marine Corps League Honor Guards! It allows the loading of three rounds into a GI clip safely while in the weapon, and the clip does not eject after the last round is fired.. An empty clip may be left in the M1..


                           My Device makes the Garand safer and easier to use!


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